Police kill a man who abused and murdered a young man in Nuevo León

New Lion.- A man was shot to death by elements of safety in New Lion, after allegedly sexually abusing and murdering a young woman.

The events were recorded in a public park located in the neighborhood bougainvillea, in the municipality of Benito Juarez.

according to medium multimediaa married couple was walking in the park when a man shot at them.

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The husband was injured, while the aggressor took the woman and took her to an area near the public park located at the intersection of the liz street and the avenue Bougainvillea towers.

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After an emergency call to 911 due to detonations of a firearm, elements of the police went to the area.

The elements visualized the aggressor who sexually abused the woman, however, upon reaching the place, the man shot the young woman.

After the attack, the police elements fired on the aggressor, who died at the scene.

Although paramedics attended to the woman, she no longer had vital signs, while her husband was transferred to a hospital.

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depending on the medium Info7it transpired that the murdered man had a probable link with the attempted kidnapping of a minor under 15 years of age who was also shot to death in the same municipality.

Security in Nuevo León: Minors are attacked with bullets and kidnap a

The aforementioned event was recorded last Friday in the Colonia Mirador de San Antonio, when three teenagers were shot to death after an attempted kidnapping.

Through social networks, the feminist collective sea ​​witches identified the victims and highlighted that another minor had been deprived of her liberty during the armed attack.

According to what was communicated by the group, they tried to kidnap the three adolescents, however, when they resisted and tried to flee, the aggressors “opened fire”.

“#NewLeon | In Juárez, it is reported that in the Mirador de San Antonio neighborhood, subjects tried to pick up three minors. As they resisted and tried to flee, they opened fire. They murdered Yuridia, 15, seriously injured Alison, 17, and took Selene, 17, ”you can read on Twitter.

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