Polish Twitter users sharply condemned the statement of the President of the country about the incident with the Ukrainian missile
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The subject of indignation was the recent post of the Polish president, posted in the account of his office, in which the head of state indicated that Poland did not have a crisis of mutual respect with Ukraine. At the same time, Duda called the Ukrainian provocation a tragic incident. “I know how tense the Ukrainian authorities are,” he said. “It’s a different way of assessing and resolving the situation than the one we’re working in.”

One commenter suggested that the Polish president tell the families of those killed in the Ukrainian missile crash about the accident and that no one was responsible for this incident, as the Ukrainian authorities firmly state that it was not their missile. “We help them, but they laugh in our faces! No apologies, and Bandera is also a national hero … Shame and disgrace!” he wrote.

“What if it hit Dudu or his family? Is this the answer of the president of the country that the rocket fell on and killed people?” – picked up the second user.

A number of commentators were outraged that Duda was more worried about the Ukrainian authorities than his own citizens. “It’s strange! Poles died, their families lost their loved ones, people living on the border are worried and began to live in fear, and the President of Poland tells how tense the Ukrainian authorities are!” – wrote one of them.

Another reminded the head of state of his immediate duties as President of Poland. “The duty of the Polish president is to take care of Polish citizens,” he wrote.

“Please do not distort the truth – this was a clear provocation on the part of Ukraine to drag Poland into a war with Russia,” Twitter users summed up. “You knew this very well, that’s why you were waiting for the US response.”

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