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Pope Francis will visit kyiv on September 13 before traveling to Kazakhstan, as detailed this Saturday, August 6, by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andri Yurashafter holding a meeting with the Supreme Pontiff in the Vatican.

Francis received Yurash at the Vatican Apostolic Palace in the second bilateral meeting they have held since the diplomatic representative present his credentials at the end of March.

The internal one broke out in the Vatican: Pope Francis demoted Opus Dei, protected by John Paul II

Pope Francisco.

Francis’ “wish” to go to Kieva

The meeting takes place two weeks after the Pope proposed that maintains his “desire” to go to kyivalthough he knows that it is a “complicated” trip in which the Holy See “is working”, as he told journalists who accompanied him on his tour to Canada at the end of July.

Francis has Confirmed for the moment a visit to Kazakhstan from September 13 to 15 to participate in an interreligious meeting, on a trip with which he could fly over Ukraine on the 6 and a half hour flight that he will make to travel the 5,262 kilometers that separate Rome from the capital Nur-Sultan.


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