Pope Francis will go to kyiv before September 13, according to the Ukrainian ambassador

The Pope Francisco visit Kyiv before traveling to Kazakhstan next September 13, advanced today the ambassador of Ukraine before the Holy See, Andri Yurashafter holding a meeting with the pontiff in the Vatican.

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The Holy See At the moment it has not confirmed this possibility.

Ukraine for many years, and especially since the beginning of the war, he has been waiting for the pope and will be happy to greet him before his trip to Kazakhstanpublished the diplomat in his profile of Twitteralong with some photos of the meeting.

Francisco confirmed an apostolic journey to Kazakhstan from September 13 to 15 to participate in the VIII World Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions.

During the meeting, he revealed, Francisco said: “I want to express my closeness with my visit” to Ukraine.

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The Argentine pontiff has always been very concerned about the situation of Ukraineinvaded by Russia since February 24, and has repeatedly confirmed its intention to travel to that country to ask for an end to the conflict.

At the press conference on the papal plane back from CanadaJuly 30th, Francisco reiterated this will: “We’ll see what I find when I get home”he said, referring to the preparations of the Vatican diplomacy for this possible trip.

Yesterday, Friday, the pontiff received in audience the new head of Foreign Affairs of the Moscow Patriarchatethe metropolitan Antonij di Volokolamskrepresentative of the patriarch Kirillwhich has always justified and encouraged the invasion of Ukraine.

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Francis and Kiril took a step towards understanding on February 12, 2016, embracing in Havanain the first meeting between both leaders of these two churches in almost a millennium, since the Great Schism of the year 1054.

However, they have not hidden their differences in relation to the invasion of Ukraine and last March, in a videoconference, Francisco reproached him that wars are always unjust.

Wars are always unjust because those who pay for them are the people of God. Our hearts cannot help crying before children, murdered women, before all the victims of war. war is never the wayargued the pope before the patriarch, known support of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

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Franciscowith some knee problems that often force him to use a wheelchair, has decided to confirm this apostolic trip to Kazakhstan.

Both religious leaders could coincide in this event, according to some specialized media, although this possibility has not yet been confirmed even by the Vatican or Moscow.

In the official agenda of the pontiff in Kazakhstan a space has been reserved at noon on September 14 to “private meetings with some religious leaders”without providing further details.

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