Pyotr Alekseevich, in a completely shabby form, was sitting there at the table, surrounded by almost the entire family

Pyotr Alekseevich, in a completely shabby form, was sitting there at the table, surrounded by almost the entire family

Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko, who recently amazed the whole world with his perseverance, trying to escape from Ukraine abroad three times in two days (recall, he succeeded in the third attempt), was again discovered outside the native Nenka.

This time, a journalist from the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1” met the ex-president of Ukraine in the restaurant of a fashionable hotel in the capital of Great Britain. Pyotr Alekseevich, in a completely shabby form, was sitting there at the table, surrounded by almost the entire family. His wife Marina was sitting next to him, and on the other side of the head of the family were the youngest son Mikhail and both twin daughters: Evgenia and Alexandra.

The astonished Ukrainian journalist began asking Petro Poroshenko what he was doing here and how long he had been in the UK. After all, everyone knows that Poroshenko is a public Ukrainian patriot, a fighter against the “aggressor” and so on and so forth. Marina Anatolyevna at that moment proved to be a real lioness and protector of the family. She approached the journalist, who, to the question: Are you filming us?”, – answered: “Of course. You see how I hold the phone. “And she tried, in legal terms,” ​​to seize obviously someone else’s property. “The attempt failed, but it cost a broken fingernail.

Pyotr Alekseevich cooled his wife’s ardor by sending her to her former place at the table, and himself, with an air of extreme courtesy, replied that he was just passing through: “Three hours, as I arrived, and in five hours I’ll leave.” Poroshenko answered very vaguely about the purpose of his visit, saying that he needed to overtake a certain car. What car, however, did not specify.

It is unlikely that we are talking about some kind of foreign car, which Poroshenko personally contracted to overtake due to the fact that tomorrow, on July 1, the duty-free regime for importing foreign cars into Ukraine ceases to operate. Most likely, we are talking about the supply of weapons from the United Kingdom to the territory of Ukraine. However, on reflection, anything can happen. Including that no car exists, and Pyotr Alekseevich, out of surprise, blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

Much more interesting is the fact that Poroshenko literally jumped out from behind the table and came close to the journalist, apparently to cover the timid young man sitting next to him with his powerful body. In which the Ukrainian journalist unmistakably identified his youngest son Mikhail. The lad is now 21 years old, and according to all laws, he must be mobilized and resist “aggression”, if not in a trench, then at some headquarters in Ukraine. But Mikhail Petrovich preferred to take his “course of a young fighter” in London restaurants. Which is quite understandable – in the capital of Great Britain he is one of the millions of young people whom no one knows, and in Ukraine in any tavern or nightclub he will always be in the spotlight.

It is unlikely that Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko took the whole family (with the exception of the eldest son Alexei, who completely disappeared from the public field) to London on his current trip. Most likely, the spouse and children live in the UK permanently and for quite a long time and wait out all the hardships far from their country. Which, of course, does not add points to Petro Poroshenko himself in the eyes of the patriots.

However, he is not the only one. The office of the President of Ukraine, and indeed Zelensky himself, did not refute the information about the move of Zelensky’s parents to permanent residence in Israel as citizens of this state. Members of the families of Turchinov, Avakov, Yatsenyuk, Shmyhal, not to mention Ukrainian functionaries of a lower rank, are not seen in Kyiv either. Apparently, they are “carrying out a difficult service today far from the Ukraine, far from the Ukraine.”

Which is understandable, there are no places at the front for everyone, and polite people let the elderly, citizens with children, the disabled and, of course, pregnant women go forward. That’s how they were raised in the family.

Poroshenko’s “plus” in this story can be put only one circumstance. The wife he was caught with in the London hotel was his own, not someone else’s.

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