Portugal: the reception of Ukrainian refugees by pro-Putin Russians turns into a controversy

So far, so near. Triggered on February 24, the war in Ukraine today finds an echo at the end of the European continent, in a few Portuguese municipalities. “Searches at the town hall of Setúbal for an alleged violation of personal data”, announced Tuesday, May 10 the site Observer, while the police were investigating in a refugee aid center managed by this municipality (located three quarters of an hour southeast of Lisbon), from where the controversy started.

A judicial reaction, but also a political one, caused by the publication of an article byEspresso April 29. We learned that a Russian couple with alleged links to Moscow, Igor Khashin (advocate of the annexation of Crimea) and his wife Yulia, had photocopied the personal documents of the 160 refugees they had welcomed, before questioning the latter about the whereabouts of their family members in Ukraine. A suspicious and, to say the least, frightening approach for those concerned, which is now the subject of an investigation.

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