Posadas: young man arrested for selling prescriptions with a stolen doctor's seal.
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A 23-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon in the Las Lomas de innsaccused of selling prescriptions for clonazepam, with a stolen doctor’s seal. The investigation began last month, with the professional’s complaint.

On October 15, a doctor reported at the 9th Police Station that they robbed him from his health center located in the Itaembé Mini neighborhood, a stamp with the inscription of your name and registration.

Behind the research of the case, personnel from the Mini Brigade of the Misiones Police determined through some witnesses who pretended to be patients of the doctor, that a young man signed medical certificates and prescriptions in exchange for money, with the denouncer’s seal.

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With precise information about his place of residence, the agents set up a covert operative on the outskirts of your home and in the immediate vicinity of the streets 145 and 166they caught the defendant who tried to run away.

Posadas: young man arrested for selling prescriptions with a stolen doctor’s seal. (mission police/)

As evidence, the Police seized certificates and recipes issued by witnesses, with the signature and seal in the name of the affected professional.

By order of Justice, he was housed in police headquarters in the framework of the case under investigation.

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