President Maduro assures that a new world order is being forged

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, expressed this Monday that he is moving towards a new world and the construction of a new humanity is being forged, during an interview with the pan-Arab television network Al Mayadeen during his international tour to countries in Eurasia and North Africa. .


Venezuelan President highlights strengthening of strategic alliances during international tour

“We have chosen to be at the forefront of the construction of a new world, of a new humanity, and articulate them with all the forces that in Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean believe in this path,” he stressed. Venezuelan dignitary.

Regarding this new world construction, Nicolás Maduro stressed that this refers to a planet without hegemonic empires. In the same way, the president insisted that in this new world order all countries respect each other and be equal.

“A world where cooperation, solidarity, and shared responsibility prevail,” said the Venezuelan head of state, emphasizing the plurality and multi-centrality of this nascent order. “Law, peace and respect for human beings come first: that is the consensus of the 21st century”, he valued.

A new geopolitical age is giving birth to humanity, towards the years to come, Nicolás Maduro shared, while assessing that “the hegemony of empires is in a phase of decline, new countries and new regions have been emerging.”

By positioning Venezuela in this emerging world, Maduro said that the nation will be at the forefront. “We have chosen to be at the forefront of the construction of a new humanity that will finish being born and consolidate,” he pointed out.

Regarding the psychological warfare also implemented by that hegemonic empire, President Maduro recognized that hate and fear are part of two categories and elements that are used to generate irrational behavior and justify violence.

“We have been victims of hatred during 23 years of the Revolution,” said Nicolás Maduro. “The empires have sown hatred and fear, but they have failed because the peoples of the world have a more critical conscience in the face of war,” said the dignitary.

And Venezuela, instead of generating hatred despite the hostile policy of the United States, has sown love for the country, for history, for the family through the superior conscience of the people, and by guiding the people with arguments . We are a people of warriors and we want peace, remarked Nicolás Maduro.

On the other hand, the head of the Stadium stressed that the developed tour has been energetic, strategic, economic and commercial with a great emphasis on commercial matters since Venezuela has been empowering itself. “We have been received with love,” Maduro said.

In addition to ratifying the friendship, Nicolás Maduro insisted that as a result of the agenda, new plans for interconnections between the regions will be promoted; exchange with businessmen for investment in Venezuela, in the field of tourism and what is also related to gas, oil, trade and agricultural production.

In the same way, the president appreciated that there is a common vision in the countries he visited and pointed out that by sharing concepts a new consensus is emerging. Nicolás Maduro returned to the concept “of dialogue of diversity and comprehensive dialogue for the new humanity, which I have seen emerging,” said the president.

He highlighted the role of OPEC Plus for market and price stability, especially in the context of the conflict in Russia and Ukraine. Regarding this conflict, Nicolás Maduro argued that “there is an escalation in the military and political conflict in Ukraine. An escalation that we do not know where it can take us.

“The war in Ukraine is already a world war economically. It is a war against Russia, more than 1000 sanctions against Russia. Food and oil have become more expensive. The only thing that the elites of Europe see is their desire for revenge against Russia,” said the Venezuelan president.

“As a revolutionary, a Bolivarian, a warrior, we wish peace for the people of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and for all the peoples of the region. That the right to their existence be respected”, recognized Nicolás Maduro.

“All the solidarity and recognition of the historical rights of the territory of Palestine, Maduro stressed.

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