President of ICAP begins working visit to Vietnam
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Cuba does not have a more sincere friend and a more frank hand than the one always extended by Vietnam, affirmed the president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Fernando González, at the beginning of a working visit to that sister nation.

It was reported in Prensa Latina that the also Hero of the Republic of Cuba made the pronouncement, this Saturday, when paying homage to the Apostle of independence José Martí, before the bust that perpetuates his memory in a central square in Hanoi.

González cited the verses of the Cuban hero when he wrote “I grow a white rose, in June as in January, for the sincere friend who gives me his free hand…” to allude to the endearing and historical ties of brotherhood existing between both countries. And that expression, he stressed, will always endure for Vietnam.

The news agency report adds that the head of ICAP also emphasized that there is a parallelism between two great figures of Cuban and Vietnamese history such as José Martí and Ho Chi Minh, both writers, poets, politicians and also men of action when circumstances required it.

Both of them, he added, were promoters of the idea of ​​doing good and cultivating the spirit of solidarity, two values ​​that both peoples and their revolutions defend and preserve.

In another part of his words, González pointed out that when talking about the story A walk through the land of the Annamiteswritten by the Cuban independence hero, it is often said that the exceptional way in which he describes this people without having ever traveled to this nation causes admiration.

But José Martí was in Vietnam and he did it in the person of his best disciple, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, whose 50th anniversary of his visit here in the middle of the war we will commemorate in September 2023, he said.

The program of activities of the president of ICAP began today with a meeting with the president of the Union of Friendship Organizations of Vietnam (VUFO), Nguyen Phuong Nga, who affirmed that courage and the spirit of solidarity are two great contributions made by Cuba to world peace.

Numerous were the topics discussed in the cordial meeting, in which the diplomat congratulated the Island for its results in the fight against the United States blockade, as well as in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, and reiterated her confidence in that even in the midst of such adverse circumstances Cuba will win, specifies PL.

In this regard, González stressed that Vietnam’s lessons will be found in that predictable victory: from its tireless struggle and heroic resistance to achieve its independence, to the achievements that this Indochina nation exhibits today in its socioeconomic development.

He also reiterated to his hostess his country’s gratitude to Vietnam, its people and its organizations for all the help and solidarity provided spontaneously and sincerely, especially in the most critical circumstances that the Greater Antilles went through.

“There has not been a difficult moment in which Vietnam has not been together with Cuba,” remarked González, who assured that the affection, solidarity and affection of both are reciprocal.

Photo: Latin Press

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