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President of the TSE to Bolsonaro: “Dialogue yes, knees bent, never”


“The Legislative and Judiciary Powers are in harmony with the Constitution and defend respect for the polls and it is necessary that all Powers say, without subterfuge, that they will respect the results of the 2022 elections. powers that are exclusive to the Electoral Justice. We will not allow the electoral process to be subverted — and I say it, in all the letters, so that you have no doubt: to remove the Electoral Justice from its functions, they will first have to remove this president from his presidency. Dialogue yes, knees bent, never.”

(Luiz Edson Fachin, judge of the Federal Supreme Court and president of the Superior Electoral Court, in response to Jair Bolsonaro, candidate for reelection by the Liberal Party, who intensifies his campaign to discredit the electronic voting system, by which he has been elected for three decades, without contestation or proof of electoral fraud.)

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