President Tokáyev is re-elected in Kazakhstan with a large majority
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The president of Kazakhstan, Kasim-Yomart Tokáyev, managed to be re-elected in office with 81.31 percent of the votes in favor after the early elections held last Sunday, reported this Monday by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the country. .


Kazakhstan holds early presidential election

The head of the CEC, Nurlan Abdirov, reported that the president obtained around 6.5 million votes while the other candidates could not exceed 4 percent of the electorate.

In this sense, Zhiguli Dairabáyev of the Auil party had 3.42 percent; Qaraqat Abden of the Alliance of Social Workers 2.6 percent; Meiram Kazhiken of the unions 2.53 percent; Nurlán Auesbáyev of the Social Democratic Party 2.22 percent and women’s human rights activist Saltanat Tursinbekova 2.12 percent.

For his part, the Kazakh head of state stressed that “there were no restrictions for anyone, all voters had freedom of choice; this election campaign was fair and open.”

With this victory, Tokáyev will remain in power until 2029, meanwhile, he assured that a set of political and economic reforms aimed at revitalizing the nation will be initiated.

Accordingly, the president announced on September 1st the holding of early presidential elections as part of the changes in the political system, which establish the duration of the presidential office to a single period of seven years.

According to preliminary information from the Central Election Commission, last Sunday 8.3 million Kazakhs went to the polls, which represents 69.43 of the total electoral population.

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