Within the framework of the itinerary traveled this Thursday, May 12, together with the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He avoided referring to his presidential candidacy, after affirming that “it is still missing” and that his main role, for the moment, consists of working for the City of Buenos Aires. The head of the Buenos Aires Government minimized the internal differences of the coalition and opened the game for them to be solved in the context of the HE PASSED.

“I am exchanging experiences as in this case with Julio, thinking of finding experiences that allow us to replicate it in the City,” said Larreta.

Julius Garro plans to compete for the governorship of the Province of Buenos Aires, a movement that reinforces the internal tension of the Buenos Aires PROwhich already has an important range of “possible candidates”.

For his part, Rodríguez Larreta opted to minimize the internal PRO at the national level, which suffered two weeks ago, since it was raised the possibility of integrating Javier Milei in the space.

Survey: Nearly 30% of Together for Change voters in 2021 would vote for Milei in 2023

After the recent meeting in Puerto Madero, the former president Mauricio Macri distanced himself from the Radical Civic Union (UCR), a gesture that compromises the strategic alliance with Together for Change, especially in Congress.

Although the discussion around the candidacies was not specifically addressed, Larreta admitted that “they will all be defined by the STEPs.” “Those who want to participate, everyone at PASO”affirmed the mayor of Buenos Aires.

Pichetto and Vidal: presidential candidates

Miguel Angel Picketto
Maria Eugenia Vidal 20220427
Maria Eugenia Vidal

Former Senator and Auditor Miguel Angel Picketto will launch his candidacy for the Presidency of the Nation for the 2023 elections from space on Friday Federal Republican Gathering, representative of the hard wing of Peronism within Together for Change. The official announcement will take place at 4 pm in Parque Norte.

Maria Eugenia Vidalformer governor of Buenos Aires, also recently expressed her willingness to compete for the Casa Rosada.


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