Price of the basic basket rises up to 32 percent

Leon, Guanajuato.- In one year, some of the products of the basic basket increased from 32.5% to more than 100%.

The monitoring of average prices of the basic basket carried out weekly by the Consumer Protection Office At the national level, it reveals that from April 4, 2021 to April 4, 2022, only two of the 24 products that are included did not have an increase, the rest, which includes fruits, vegetables and meats, increased from 3.6% to 172.9%.

Annual headline inflation in the first fortnight of April of this year was 7.72%, “the highest since the second fortnight of January 2001 and above the upper bound of the target range of the Bank of Mexico (between 2% and 4%) for the twenty-seventh consecutive fortnight”, reported on April 22 the Federal government.

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Of the 24 products that make up the basic basket, 20 are above annual inflation.

Among the products that registered a greater increase in percentage is white onion, the kilo went from 12.19 pesos in April 2021 to 21.09 pesos in April 2022, which represents an increase of 172.9%.

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The lemon had an increase of 39.1%, pasta for soup of 33.4% and vegetable oil of 32.5%.

In pesos, the products that registered the greatest increase were white onions, lemons and beef steaks, the latter of which cost per kilo went from 163.07 pesos in April last year to 186.68 pesos this year.

These are average prices because in a tour made by A.M In two supermarkets on May 1st, it was possible to verify that currently the cost of onions in Lion it can reach up to 39.90 pesos and a liter of vegetable oil can cost up to 50 pesos.

Price of the basic basket rises up to 32 percent in Mexico. (AM chart).

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On May 4, the President of the Republic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presented the Package Against Inflation and Famine (PACIC) through which it seeks to maintain fair prices in basic foods.

The plan includes measures such as the stabilization of gasoline and diesel prices, increased grain production, delivery of fertilizers to producers, zero tariffs for the importation of basics such as corn oil, rice, tuna, pork, lemon, tomato , among other products.

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In statement: Affects Leonese increase in the price of the basic basket

“The increase in prices affects me a lot, before with 700 pesos a week I was enough to stock my pantry well and right now with that same amount not even half of what I bought now I adjust,” he said. Martina Flores.

“Everything is very expensive, from oil, shampoo, soap, if there was a way to lower prices, it would be very good for all housewives,” he assured Bertha Hernandez.

“It is assumed that the products of the basic basket were not going to rise and they are the ones that are increasing the most. And I come to stock the pantry every time they give my husband vouchers,” she commented. Gabriela Cortez.

“Wherever they are, they are very expensive and then the salaries remain the same and it is not enough for much,” he lamented. Lillian Silva.

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