Price of the dollar today May 12, 2022: It remains on the rise against the Mexican peso

The dollar appreciates this day above the barrier of 20 units before the mexican peso with a purchase of 20.06 pesos and a sale of 20.53 pesos.

The price of the US dollar in the purchase is averaged at the window at $20.06 pesos. While its window value per sale was averaged at $20.53 pesos.

During the week the dollar has registered an increase of 0.65% Against the peso, the American currency remains between 20 and 20.22 pesos for purchase and between 20.47 and 20.69 pesos for sale.

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Year to date, the behavior of the dollar against the Mexican peso is down, with a decrease of 0.14 pesos and a percentage of 0.67%.

And since December 1st 2018 when I take officeAMLO recorded a gain of 0.06% and 0.06% on the peso.

The exchange rate is a reference that is used in the foreign exchange market to know the number of units of national currency that must be paid to obtain a foreign currency, or similarly, the number of currency units that are obtained by selling a unit of foreign currency.

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