Price of the dollar today Thursday: It remains slightly down against the Mexican peso

The interbank exchange rate of the dollar dawns at 20.15 pesos, which represents a decrease of 0.08% with respect to the Mexican pesowith a decrease of 0.02 pesos.

The dollar is quoted at 19.92 pesos for purchase and 20.39 pesos for sale.

With current values, so far this year, the behavior of the dollar against the Mexican peso is also down, with a decrease of -0.28 pesos and a percentage of 1.38%.

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From the maximum registered in May of last year to date, the Mexican peso recovered 1.38%, that is, 0.28 pesos.

And since December 1, 2018 when I take office, AMLO registered a loss of 0.05% and 5.65% on weight.

It serves as an indicator of the competitiveness of a country with the rest of the worldsince it relates the internal prices of national production with international prices.

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