The ratio of insured events to the number of insurance contracts in Primorye is greater than in any other subject of the Russian Federation.  / Vitaly Ankov/RIA Novosti

The ratio of insured events to the number of insurance contracts in Primorye is greater than in any other subject of the Russian Federation. / Vitaly Ankov/RIA Novosti

According to the vice-president of the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS) Sergey Efremov, each such appeal will be duplicated in the regional and city prosecutor’s offices, and the authorities will take the situation with the availability of policies under tight control.

The problem has been going on for several years, all this time Primorye is among the leaders of the “red” high-risk zone of the rating of Russian regions in terms of the level of fraudulent payments in OSAGO. Last year, the region took fourth place in it, losing only to North Ossetia – Alania, Chechnya and Dagestan.

Car enthusiasts complain that they cannot buy a “car insurance” policy, and insurance companies – that they suffer millions of losses on this type of insurance because of fraudsters.

Efremov calls the situation paradoxical.

– If we compare Primorye with other subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District, we will see that the frequency of insured events, that is, their ratio to the number of insurance contracts, in the region is greater than in any other subject of the Russian Federation – as much as 7.7 percent. And the share of drivers with a minimum bonus-malus ratio is higher than the average for Russia. It turns out interesting: on the one hand, there is the largest number of people who drive without accidents – 26.2 percent, on the other – the highest accident rate in Russia. The last factor, in our opinion, in this case confirms the presence of falsifications, fraudulent actions by organized criminal groups, – he explains.

Fraudsters mastered a new type of earnings with the entry into force of amendments to the law “On OSAGO”, which increased the maximum amount of payments to 400 thousand rubles. There are still a lot of right-hand drive cars in the region – according to some sources, more than 80 percent, plus a huge market for contract auto parts, that is, taken from other cars. And insurers must make payments according to the directory of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA), which indicates the cost of new parts. Therefore, it is beneficial for people to receive cash, and not a payment in kind, that is, car repairs at the expense of insurance. The number of such payments in Primorye is only four percent, which is a very low figure.

Those who take cash patch the car in some garage, supplying inexpensive second-hand parts. And a significant part of the amount remains in your pocket.

– The share of accidents with the preparation of European protocols in the first quarter of 2022 in Primorye was also one of the highest in the country – 60 percent. According to the results of April-May, it has already amounted to 70 percent. That is, 70 percent of traffic accidents are registered without the departure of traffic police officers. And the fixation of damage occurs independently, often with the participation of emergency commissioners. They offer to conclude contracts for the assignment of the right to claim, transferring information to unscrupulous auto-lawyers. This leads to a fairly high share of the payout level. For one earned ruble, insurers pay 1.68 rubles for losses, – Sergey Efremov cites the data.

In Primorye, it is more profitable for people to receive “cash” from insurance. Enough money to repair the car with used parts, and you can keep a significant part of the amount

The methods of committing crimes are classic – auto-setups, staging accidents, deliberate provocations of accidents in which ordinary citizens suffer. Therefore, Oleg Ruchkin, head of the anti-fraud center of the VSK Insurance House, is sure that such accidents require increased attention from law enforcement agencies.

He notes that in 2021, his company filed 70 allegations of alleged fraud with law enforcement. In total, according to the ARIA, insurers operating in the region wrote 282 applications, but cases were initiated only in seven percent of cases.

And yet the perpetrators are caught. So, in February in Vladivostok, a whole family of auto-substituters was detained – parents and an adult son. In 2021, they had 32 accidents with seven of their cars. The payments received by them under OSAGO exceeded six million rubles. Gangs of auto-substituters of the FSB were covered in Nakhodka and Partizansk. The damage from their activities reached ten million.

Sergei Efremov believes that now the situation should gradually change. On April 20, RAMI launched a reinsurance pool. This mechanism should increase the availability of compulsory OSAGO policies for potentially high-loss drivers such as taxi drivers or novice drivers.

In Vladivostok, where 90 percent of all traffic accidents in Primorye that are controversial from the point of view of a motor vehicle citizen occur, cameras will be installed at difficult intersections.

But a number of problems remain. As Oleg Ruchkin says, the traffic police have so far refused to provide administrative materials to insurers, as they believe that in this way they can violate the law “On Personal Data”.

– We do not agree with this, as we ask for materials on vehicle damage. There are difficulties with conducting investigative examinations: in Primorye, the Ministry of Justice is engaged in this for two or three months, cases are dragged out, – he notes.

According to experts, Primorye has prospects to enter the “yellow” and then the “green” zone, but, most likely, it is hardly worth waiting for this in the near future.

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