Princess Ana visited the Malvinas Islands and sent a clear message to Argentina for sovereignty
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Princess Anne landed on November 18 in the South Atlantic Islandswhere he placed a wreath at the “Liberation Monument” and met former deminers. In this way, sent a clear message to the Argentine government about the UK’s position on sovereignty.

On an official visit, in the midst of the celebrations in the Malvinas Islands for the 40th anniversary of “liberation”, as they remember the war that began on April 2, 1982 and ended in June of that same year.

Some days ago, The United Kingdom began to negotiate the territorial liberation of the Chagos IslandsTherefore, expectations have risen that a conversation on the Falkland Islands can also begin. Nevertheless, this royal visit makes clear the position of Great Britain regarding the territories of the South Atlantic.

Princess Anne’s royal visit

The news of the arrival of Princess Anne to the Falkland Islands was published by the official Twitter account of the British royal family. The late Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter was accompanied by her husband and Vice Admiral, Sir Tim Laurence.

Princess Anne placed a wreath at the “Liberation Monument”which contains the names of the fallen British soldiers in Malvinas and spoke with the disseminatorswho were in charge of removing the mines from the fields after the war.

Within the agenda of the sister of Carlos III, there is a meeting with the members of the Legislative Assembly and some receptions with members of the community. It is expected that, during this Saturday, they will be present in primary and secondary schools of the Islandsas well as visit conservation sites for the flora and fauna of the territory that was usurped by Great Britain.

News in development.

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