Prison for tweeters and dismissals: the cases in which the Macri government attacked freedom of expression

After that, the post was filled with comments from Internet users reminding the former president of what happened to the press during his years in government: from dismissals and persecution of journalists to jail for the owners of the media.


The difficult years for the press during the macrismo

Only in December 2021, after 2 and a half years of oral proceedings and almost six years since the criminal investigation began, the Justice acquitted the businessmen Cristóbal López and Fabián De Sousa in the Oil Combustibles case.

The court considered that they were not responsible for the crime of defrauding the State for which they had been denounced by the Government of Mauricio Macri from the granting of payment plans for its debt of the Fuel Transfer Tax (ITC) of the oil company, which was finally pushed into bankruptcy.

Cristóbal López pointed out that the legal case against him was part of a persecution planned by the Government of Mauricio Macri, after he refused to make the Indalo Group’s media available to the former president.

In fact, in March 2018, then President Mauricio Macri argued that “this was not what we agreed”when Chamber I of the Federal Chamber with the votes of Jorge Ballestero and Eduardo Farah decided to revoke the detention of Cristóbal López and Fabián De Sousa.

Layoffs in Télam

But the persecution of the press does not end there. In June 2018, the government at the hands of Mauricio Macri fired 357 employees of the Télam Agency. There were months of union actions that included 119 days of strike, peaceful stay in the buildings, marches, and acts throughout the country, to achieve reincorporation.


But the list goes on. After the macrismo took power, some 800 workers of the media conglomerate known as Grupo 23 stopped receiving salaries and its main shareholders, Matías Garfunkel and Sergio Szpolski, did not take responsibility for the employment relationship. The Ministry of Labor did not face the bosses’ attack either.

Conflict in Radio Del Plata

Radio Del Plata was another example of how difficult it was for press workers to keep their jobs. With salary debts for many months, absence of payment of social works and the delay of retirement contributions, they joined the long list of media outlets that interrupted their work during the macrismo.

Jail for tweeters

But the persecution was not only against journalists but also users of social networks. During the Government of Mauricio Macri a twitterer was imprisoned for making a publication against him. The victim was Nicolás Lucero, 20 years old.

Lucero published a tweet in 2016 with a song from a brave bar that talked about killing Macri. Next, The Public Threats and Intimidation Investigation Division of the Federal Police intervened under the command of the Ministry of Security, led by Patricia Bullrich.

Attacks on protesters and press workers

In fact, an investigation by Laura Vales for Page 12 reflected that in the first three years of Mauricio Macri’s government, at least 1,452 demonstrators were arrested in protests, most of them made in the context of demands related to work. During them he beat up numerous journalists and photographers.

More layoffs of communication professionals

In the four years of Cambiemos, more than 4,500 communication professionals were fired from different media. This figure represents approximately 30% of the positions of male and female workers under Collective Agreement.

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