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45.7% of Dominicans lean towards the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) as their preferred political force, followed by the People’s Force (FP) with 18.2% and for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), with 17.3% sympathy, this according to the firm’s survey CIES International Posted this Wednesday.

The results of the study indicate that 2.8% sympathize with the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), 2.5% with Alianza País (AP), 0.5% with the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), 0.3% with Democratic Option (OD), 0.2% for the National Progressive Force (FNP), 0.2% for the Social Democratic Institutional Bloc (BIS) and 12.3% for none.

The survey was conducted at the national level between June 3 and 6 last by the firm CIES International with a sample of 1,200 people distributed throughout the national territory, with a margin of error of +/- 5%.

The study also reflects that if the general elections were held today, Luis Abinader would bring together 48% of the preferences of those surveyed, while Leonel Fernández would have the support of 23% and Abel Martínez 15%, explains CIES International it’s a statement.


Likewise, when asked how they rate the management of the Luis Abinader government, 34% define it as “good”, 13.2% as excellent, 25.7% as bad and 27.1% as very bad.

border wall

Two of the government measures that receive the most support from those surveyed are the fight against corruption and the construction of the border wall.

The government’s zero tolerance policy against corruption is supported by 63% of the sample, with only 24.5% against and 12.5% ​​saying they don’t know.

Meanwhile, the wall project with Haiti is supported by 71.5% of those surveyed, 21.7% disagree and 6.8% do not know.

CIES International

CIES International was born in 1990, Miami Florida. Since then, the organization has carried out confidential surveys for politicians and businessmen from the United States and the Caribbean, the statement indicates, highlighting the profile of the firm.

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