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During an act tinged with re-election proclamations, the Modern Revolutionary Party (DRP) swore tonight his provincial address and municipal in Santiago.

It is made up at the provincial level by rose santosChairwoman; Enrique Romero, general secretary; Y Lucildo Gomezexecutive vice-president.

In the municipal in Santiago of the Knights, it is formed by Andrés Cueto, president; Federico Reynoso, Secretary General; and Deisy Díaz, organization secretary.

Part of those attending the event. (FREE DIARY/ANEUDY TAVÁREZ)

Other charges

During the act, Fausto Domínguez, Francisco Díaz and Nelson Marmolejos were also sworn in as presidents of the Circumscriptions 1, 2 and 3 of the province, respectively.

The oath was taken by the national president of the ruling party, José Ignacio Paliza, during the activity held at the Utesa Convention Center, located in the area of ​​the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration.

Arnaud Wellingtoncoordinator of the political event, congratulated the militancy of the DRP in Santiago for the maturity shown to achieve consensus in almost all municipal positions in the province.


The discursive part of the activity was loaded with reelection proclamations in favor of President Luis Abinader.

The stage was used by each of the members of the provincial address and municipal of DRP to invite the members of his party to take to the streets to promote the work of the Government and the re-election of Luis Abinader with a view to the 2024 elections.

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