Pro League meets today about competition format and new CEO: BeNe League 'light' is also back on the table


Amid the Red Devils violence, the Pro League comes together today. Two major topics are planned: the competition format and an update on the search for a new CEO.

Pieter-Jan Calcoen

The Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Pro League gather today at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Zaventem. Two items on the agenda stand out in the digital invitation that the club leaders received.

Firstly, the competition format and the associated BeNe League will be discussed. As a reminder: next season three clubs from 1A will be relegated to end a competition with eighteen teams. However, that is not to the liking of the ‘little ones’, who are so much more likely to fail and may never return afterwards. That is why they are in favor of maintaining a competition with eighteen, preferably until 2025.

A two-thirds majority is needed to make that change and so the K11 and 1B clubs need the support of at least one top club. To achieve this, the small clubs now suddenly want to think about a BeNe League ‘light’ with the Dutch clubs. A joint cup competition is also negotiable. These topics will in principle be discussed today, but a vote is not yet expected. All the more so because it is a matter of guessing what the joint Dutch position is. There is great division across the border to play against the Belgians, because there are still many question marks, for example about the distribution of European tickets and TV contracts.


In addition, the club leaders from professional football expect to receive an update on the search for a new CEO – they were also promised that by email. It is not clear whether the Pro League has already found a successor for Pierre François. Wouter Vandenhaute and Vincent Mannaert, who were very closely involved in the file, have promised the candidates discretion and so hardly any names are leaking.

Finally, there will be a debate in Zaventem about the integration of the promises in 1B and in the amateur series. It will no longer be about accession per se, but about the regulations: which players may or may not participate? †pjc)

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