Measure prohibited the sale of phones without chargers from the iPhone 12.
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O Procon do Distrito Federal (Procon-DF) seized iPhones in stores in the capital Brasília last November 11th. The reason for removing the products would be the violation of the measure that prohibits the sale of Apple cell phones without chargers in Brazil.

According to the information, the phones were removed from the shelves of Claro, Vivo, Fast Shop and two iPlaces stores. For more, iPhone 11 models to the newly launched iPhone 14 were seized🇧🇷

Measure prohibited the sale of phones without chargers from the iPhone 12.Source: Apple/Disclosure

The operation of Procon-DF is the result of Legal dispute between the Ministry of Justice and Apple🇧🇷 In September of this year, the Cupertino giant was banned from selling iPhones without chargers in the box in the national territory.

The agency alleged that the brand practices tying, forcing consumers to buy an extra product for the full functioning of the devices. Furthermore, the manufacturer was fined more than R$ 12 million🇧🇷

According to information from the Technoblog🇧🇷 iPhone sales have been re-established following an injunction from Apple have been authorized on the 21st of November. Furthermore, experts point out that the seizure of the products was not illegall.

The National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon) says that Apple could not sell cell phones without chargers from the iPhone 12, the first to adopt the practice. However, other devices without the accessory should also be seized during the actions, as happened with iPhone 11 units.

Even without chargers, the sale of iPhones was reestablished in Brazil.Even without chargers, the sale of iPhones was reestablished in Brazil.Source: Apple/Disclosure

Power abuse

Apple’s injunction was approved by Judge Diego Câmara Alvesof the 17th federal court of the Judiciary Section of the Federal District (SJDF). According to the magistrate, there was no illicit practice or violation of consumer rights by the brand.

Furthermore, Alves cites that the suspension of iPhone sales is an attitude of “abuse of power” of the regulatory body. So the Senacon would have violated the “principles of legality and impersonality” by applying the sanction only to Apple.

In a note to MacMagazine🇧🇷 Apple said it is confident it will win the legal dispute🇧🇷 In addition, it states that customers are aware of the various options for charging accessories for devices offered by the manufacturer.

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