Procrear II: How to access the draw for the dream of your own home in 16 provinces and CABA

On June 16, registration was opened to raffle Procrear II homes in Urban Developments in the City of Buenos Aires and 16 other provinces.

Thus, the National Government promotes the housing policy so that more Argentines can access their own homethrough the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat led by Jorge Ferraresi.

Those interested can now register through the official website of the Ministry by doing click herewhere you will also find the necessary requirements that must be met in order to access the draw.

Own House Coefficient: how the formula that adjusts the credits of Procrear II works

“Through the Urban Developments, the State comes to respond to a demand, which is the lack of access to mortgage loans to access a home”, said Ferraresi about this program, and pointed out: “This not only gives thousands of Argentine men and women the opportunity to have their own home in the place where they chose to live and develop, but also generates the momentum of the entire Construction Industry”.

The Procrear II Urban Developments line is part of the Own House Federal Program for provide Argentine families with access to mortgage credit for the purchase of new homes, in one of the properties where the National State carries out these real estate projects. Through this program, in addition, the diversity of housing demands is attended to, as well as the particularity of each province and municipality where these works are carried out.

In which cities is registration open for Procrear II?

In this opportunity, registration was enabled to raffle 1150 functional units located on the premises:

  • Sáenz Station and Buenos Aires Station (CABA);
  • San Francisco, Barrio Liceo, Cavanagh, Morrison and Alejandro Roca (Córdoba);
  • Parana (Between Rivers);
  • San Martin, Mendoza Capital, Malargue, San Rafael and Maipú (Mendoza),
  • Federal Park, Sunchales and Rafaela (Santa Fe);
  • Ezeiza, Merlo, Ciudad Evita, Carmen de Patagones, San Miguel, San Nicolás, Bolívar, Canning, Province of Buenos Aires

Procrear 2022 Casa Propia: registration for credits at a 0% rate to build homes opened

  • Bahía Blanca, Lomas de Zamora, San Martín, Suipacha, Lincoln and San Antonio de Areco (Buenos Aires);
  • Inns (Missions);
  • Santiago del Estero and La Banda (Santiago Del Estero);
  • Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz);
  • Zapala (Neuquen);
  • Bariloche (Black River);
  • Currents (Currents);
  • Puerto Madryn (Chubut);
  • Saint Louis (Saint Louis);
  • Yerba Buena (Tucuman);
  • Jujuy (Jujuy); Y
  • Huaico (Salta).

Requirements to enroll in Procrear II

  • Being Argentine natural or by option, or foreigner with permanent residence.
  • Have a National Identity Document (DNI) valid.
  • The family group must have income from formal jobs, retirement and/or pensions. The sum of the net monthly income of the family group between 1 and 8 SMVyM (Minimum Vital and Mobile Wages).
  • be between eighteen (18) and sixty four (64) years of age at the time of enrollment.
  • Not have real estate registered in the name of the applicant or any member of their family group, neither as owners nor as co-owners at the time of starting the Presale process, except for the exceptions listed in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Do not record financial history unfavorable in the last nine (9) months.
  • Register Situation 1-Normal in the financial information query by CUIL at the BCRA, in the last nine months.
  • Register, at least, 12 months of seniority in the activity (employees and independent).

The participants, at the time of completing the REGISTRATION FORMwill be able include only one co-owner. In the case of participants with a married civil status, the spouse will be automatically considered co-owner.

How to access a mortgage loan for new homes in Córdoba

The owner and the co-owner must be linked by one of the links detailed below, which must be registered.

  1. Marriage.
  2. convivial union.
  3. de facto unionprovided that the addresses declared by the owner and co-owner coincide.

All notifications within the framework of the bases and conditions will be made to the email address declared by the participant in the REGISTRATION FORM.


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