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The presentation featured a conversation in which companies from all over the world participated Argentina, both in person and virtually. The proposal would include implementation proposals of Urban Developments.

Along the same lines, the owner of the National Directorate of Land Policy and Dominial Regularization, Juan Ignacio Duartestated that “the new calls for bids will come out with updated prices“. Likewise, he added that “the compulsas are going to be by lines corresponding to each of the infrastructure networks“. Finally, he closed his presentation assuming that the objective “is for the participation of the largest number of companies possible throughout the country.


New tenders: where will they be

  • Pillar with 231 lots.
  • Florencio Varela with 858 lots.
  • caƱuelas 390 lots.
  • the silver 168 lots.
  • Roque Perez 142 lots.
  • Benito Juarez 30 lots in total.

The entire team of Banco Hipotecario technicians made a review of work dynamics adopted in the calls for bids. Due to its fiduciary role, the institution must run the lots with service and Urban Developments through bidding processes. The choice of contractorsLikewise, it is evaluated according to each of the businessmen and their companies, guaranteeing the transparency of the process.


The fundamental idea is power extend the call to many more companies for what there is full and partial calls to encourage the multiplicity of contractors. Today there is 21 calls which correspond to the line of Urban Developments, although the Ministry has already said that they are going to incorporate even more.

Finally, the minister highlighted that the calls for tenders corresponding to Procrear II would bring as a novelty -with respect to Procrear I- the possibility of gather the start of work for preliminary tasks with certificate of advancement prior to formal initiation (known as “Certificate 0”).

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