Producer Rodnyansky, who left Russia, lost control of the studio that produced films by Andrei Zvyagintsev

Born in Kyiv, media manager and producer Alexander Rodnyansky, who worked in Russia for a long time (he occupied influential positions on STS and Rossiya 1 channels, directed the Kinotavr festival, released films and TV shows that were shown in all cinemas in the country) in mid-June matured to refusal to work in our country.

“You shouldn’t send me ideas of Russian films and TV shows,” he wrote in a telegram then. – I don’t make them. My company in Russia is closed. I am fully focused on producing international projects for global platforms. In English and other languages.

Having condemned the SVO, Rodnyansky left Russia and said that he would focus on working on Ukrainian projects. And now it has become known that the producer has lost the rights to own the Non-Stop Production film studio, which produced the resonant films Dylda, Leviathan, Dislike, Tightness, in which a Russian person usually looks pathetic and ugly. The manager says that’s how it was intended.

“As I said before, my professional focus has completely shifted towards the production of international multilingual films and series for global distribution,” Rodnyansky said in another interview. “I have been moving in this direction for a very long time.

As it became known, Rodnyansky left the founders of the film company on August 2. Now 99.8% of the company that previously belonged to him has gone to the new CEO of the studio, Alexander Chukanov.

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