Progress Scholarships 2022: what day is charged?

How every month, the program payment dates are already available Progress Scholarships. It should be remembered that the program consists of granting a monthly scholarship of $5,677 for each young person throughout the year, with enrollment, attendance and academic performance conditions. 80 percent is charged every month and the remaining 20 percent at the end of the period. Includes a plus for connectivity.

The money is deposited in a Bank account and will be awarded Debit to buy and withdraw cash. The date and place of payment can be consulted on the website of ANSES.

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Requirements to register for the Progresar Scholarships

Everyone can apply for scholarships 16 and 17 year olds who are studying the public school and also those who have seen their educational trajectories interrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, but who commit to resume their studies by means of an affidavit. In all cases, the income of the family group to which they belong must not exceed three minimum, vital and mobile salaries.

In addition, the Students must be native Argentines, naturalized or foreigners with 2 (two) years or more of legal residence in the country.

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permanence requirements

as randrequirement for permanence in the Program, the students must certify the assistance on a quarterly basis and learning in the different subjects according to the year of study.

How to know if they gave me the Progresar Scholarship

The progress results They will be communicated when the registration period ends. Meanwhile, they are already being published Scholarship results for 16 and 17 year oldswhich can be consulted on the page previously provided or at:

The proof of ANSES Negative Certification will communicate whether or not the person receives a State benefit. If when entering the personal data the description appears “Record settlements of PROG.ES.AR“, means that the registration request was approved.

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Progresar Scholarship Amounts

Through the Progress Scholarships The following amounts are awarded:

  • Progress Required: $5677
  • Progress Higher University: between $5,677 and $6,366 depending on the current year
  • Progress Higher Tertiary: $5677
  • Progress Work: $5677
  • Progress Nursing: between $6,000 and $10,700 in the case of university courses and between $6,000 and $9,000 for non-university higher education

In principle, the payment of a 80% of the scholarship amount during the course and of Remaining 20% ​​upon certifying regularity throughout the year. In the case of advanced upper level students is paid the 100%. In case of abandoning the course, the amount will no longer be credited.

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How much, how and when are the Progresar Scholarships received?

  • Check here the amount of the scholarship. (they include the plus of connectivity).
  • Progress it is charged throughout the year (12 monthly installments).
  • The 80% is charged monthly and the remaining 20% ​​when it is proven that one was a regular student.
  • The money is deposited into a bank account and the beneficiary will be given a Debit to buy and withdraw cash.
  • Once the registration is approved, it can be consulted at Date and place of payment When do you start getting paid?


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