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Project brings residents and city hall together in the debate for neighborhood improvements

Participants in the first edition of Espaço Cidadania.  (Photo: Publicity)
Participants in the first edition of Espaço Cidadania. (Photo: Publicity)

Rio Brilhante, a municipality 161 kilometers from Campo Grande, started this Tuesday (14) the Citizenship Space, an initiative that brings the population of the neighborhoods and the city hall together, to discuss claims, criticisms and suggestions to improve administration. Who inaugurated the action in the state was the youngest mayor of Mato Grosso do Sul, Lucas Foroni (MDB). The meeting even gained prominence on the national MDB page.

In this edition, residents of the Manoel das Neves neighborhood were visited, but the action will be taken to the other neighborhoods with information to improve the quality of the service provided by the city hall, both in solving problems without bureaucracy, as well as in transparency and access to information.

Listening to citizens is understanding their desires and a great way to improve and create projects. In a humble and serene way, the technical team obtained the demands of the community to offer simple, fast and effective solutions, providing more resolution and meeting the needs of those who need it most.

Also participating in the Citizenship Space were the vice-mayor, Juraci Aparecida Souza Silva; first lady, Isabela Machado; councilors Gamarra, Zezinho da pharmacy, Rodrigo nurse, Adão, Adailton and the Mayor, Juarez Roza; Chief of Staff Langrem Cherobin; Development Secretary Hugo Koji, Finance, Planning and Control Secretary Edilson Nantes Tagara; Secretary of Education, Miqueias Nantes and Secretary of Administration, Luma Moraes de Oliveira Guimarães.

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