Protest in Brazil calls for justice for those killed in the Amazon

Brazilian indigenous people took to the streets of Sao Paulo this Saturday to demand justice for the murders of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira, whose remains appeared after having disappeared for several days in the Amazon.


Another suspect in the Amazon case surrenders in Brazil

Between 70 and 100 demonstrators, originally from the Tenondé-Porã and Jaraguá Indigenous Lands, of the Guarani people of Sao Paulo arrived at the entrance of the Assis Chateaubridad Museum of Arts (Masp) in the central region of the city.

The protesters shouted “Justice” and carried signs and banners, also demanding justice for other martyrs of the Amazon such as Chico Méndez and Chief Francisco Tukano.

They also asked for justice for Maxciel dos Santos, an indigenous person murdered in 2019, in Tabatinga with shots to the neck. He was a colleague of Bruno and worked in the Ethno-environmental Protection Front of the National Indian Foundation (Funai). The case has not yet been resolved.

The Association of Servants of Funai was the convening organization, together with the Union of Workers of the Federal Public Services of Sao Paulo (Sindsef-SP) and the Central Sindical y Popular Conlutas, they asked for justice and the resignation of the president of Funai, Marcelo Xavier , and the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro.

According to the Brazilian Federal Police, this Saturday it was confirmed that the remains of the examined dental arches correspond to the indigenist Bruno Pereira (41 years old), disappeared in the Javari Valley on June 5.

This information was confirmed by the National Institute of Criminalistics of Brazil and a third suspect turned himself in to the authorities. After the forensic examination, it was established that the weapon used typical hunting ammunition with multiple pellets, in the case of Pereira.

In advance, the security forces confirmed that another gallery belonged to the British journalist Dom Phillips (57 years old), who collaborated with The Guardian. According to his report, both were shot. Bruno, the journalist’s guide, was shot twice in the head and one in the chest, while Dom was only shot in the chest.

Both disappeared while traveling along the Itaquaí River, on the edge of the Vale do Javari indigenous land, in the Amazon. Ten days later, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Torres, assured on social networks that human remains were found. The official versions say that the bodies were dismembered and buried.

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