Riots erupt at world's largest iPhone factory over covid measures
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Hundreds of Foxconn employees took to the streets of the city of Zhengzhou in Henan Province, pointing out the social and financial impacts of the anti-coronavirus measures. Some people destroyed security cameras. The Daily Mail recalled that these are rare images of public outrage in China.

The protests were sparked by a decision by Chinese authorities to introduce additional measures to limit the rapid increase in cases of covid-19. But the measures worsen the prospects of the world’s second largest economy and dampen hopes that China will significantly ease its policy towards the coronavirus in the foreseeable future.

Footage of a clash between workers and officials in protective suits appeared on social networks. “Give us our salaries,” chanted Foxconn workers, among others. The company allegedly informed them that it would postpone the payment of their bonuses.

At the beginning of November, many people left the industrial complex, where hundreds of thousands of workers usually work. This happened after local authorities declared strict pandemic measures in the area. The employees then feared that they would have to spend a long quarantine on the premises.

Some workers also complained about having to share a dormitory with colleagues who tested positive for covid.

One of the workers, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters on Thursday that the company had reached a “first agreement” with workers to resolve the dispute. Production at the plant continued on Thursday.

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