Surnames 20220806

Although there are more than 340 thousand different surnames in Argentina, some are more common than others in each province. A study of Ministry of Interior was commissioned to analyze the spatial distribution of these and highlighted which are the most frequent.

The National Population Directorate reported that the surnames that are most repeated among citizens are the following: Gonzalez, Rodriguez Y Gomez. The three most frequent are followed by Fernandezlike the president, Lopez, Martinez, Diaz, Perez, Sanchez, and Romero.

However, the body of the Ministry of the Interior managed to identify 348,288 surnames throughout the country, which denotes the wide diversity that the Argentine territory has.

The most common surnames.

According to the study, the 79% of the population it is identified with family names carried by 500 people or more. Similarly, they represent only 2% of all surnames.

In that sense, most surnames are carried by between 2 and 99 people, but what is surprising is that 73,363 family names have a single representative.

The Argentine population is 47 million, according to provisional results of the 2022 census

The most common surname in each province

The study was able to identify which is the most predominant family name in each of the provinces throughout the country. In this line, the surname González is the most frequent in Formosa, Chaco, Between rivers, Santa Fe, Cordova, Buenos Aires province, Buenos aires city, Neuquen, mendoza, Black river, Chubut, Santa Cruz Y Land of Fire.

Surnames 20220806
The geographical distribution of surnames.

Rodríguez, on the other hand, is the predominant in Missions Y The Pampa. In Chaco Y currents, Gomez is the most common. López, on the other hand, is the most predominant in jump. In The Rioja Y Santiago del Estero Y Tucumanthe most predominant surname is Diaz.

saint Louis has the predominant surname Lucero, while in Catamarca the most common is Carrizo. The most frequent in San Juan is Castro and in JujuyMamani.


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