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For more than two decades, the French economist was the life partner of the Dominican artist Adalgisa Pantaleon. She had to say the saddest goodbye after her sudden death after suffering a heart attack.

Like every day, last Tuesday, May 10, Burgaud got up early for his daily routine and some time later he had the heart attack that took his life. This was reported by Héctor Aníbal Estrella, son of the artist.

His affable treatment and the love that he always showed to the member of the 4:40 orchestra were his main characteristics and this was pointed out to Diario Libre by the figures who met at the Blandino Funeral Home to show solidarity with the artist and say goodbye to the economist.

Artists, family and friends come this morning to the Blandino Funeral Home to offer condolences to the singer Adalgisa Pantaleon for him death from her husband.

Among the personalities who have attended, José Antonio Rodríguez, Guillermo Cordero, Luis José Germán, teachers Rafael Solano, Amaury Sánchez and Manuel Tejada are cited. As well as Frank Ceara, among others.

The artist’s children, Gina and Héctor Aníbal, as well as her daughter-in-law, Yvette Marichal, together with the family accompanied the singer and actress.

The atmosphere in the chapel of the funeral home was mixed between sadness and the celebration of the human quality that always characterized Jean Marie. He treated well, detached from the material and in solidarity with those around him. He was a being who earned the affection of many of Adalgisa’s co-workers, as well as her friends and family.

Adalgisa Pantaleón and her husband, the French economist Jean Marie Burgaud. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

“Illusion that fills my soul, to see you always smiling, happy, with that look of a child, tender, sweet, blue green. With the simplicity that you lead life, not at all busy, letting it flow in a natural way, always enjoying things simple, the smells, the expression of nature. Loving and cheerful, capable of making me forget my moments of catharsis, knowing that you are by my side, that you take care of me and protect me as a girl. That you invent things to make me laugh, that my pain It is your pain, that you take care of my sleep and adore when I sleep, to you accomplice of glances. I still find your love notes, in my drawers. To you, knowing my moods, my loneliness. I want to tell you how lucky I was to find you!!. 23 years this January 10 “. This is how he referred to Adalgisa on January 10, when they celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary, a sign of the immense love they had for each other.

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Funeral services for Jean Marie will conclude at 7:00 pm with a body mass present.

The husband of the singer Adalgisa Pantaleon died on Tuesday at his residence due to a heart attack.

Your remains will be chrome.

Journalist. Sub-Editor of Magazine in Diario Libre. President of the Dominican Academy of Art and Entertainment Journalists (Adopae)

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