Putin and Díaz-Canel criticized the blockade and Western sanctions when meeting in Moscow
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The President of Russia, Vladimir Putinand its Cuban counterpart, Miguel Diaz-Canel (Photo)criticized Western sanctions and blockades and agreed on their views on global issues during a meeting in the Kremlinwhich was part of the official visit made by the Cuban head of state to Moscow.

putin He pointed out that both countries should strengthen their cooperation, based “on this solid foundation of friendship.” The Russian president stressed that his country “has always supported and continues to support the Cuban people in their struggle for independence and sovereignty, opposed to any type of sanctions, embargoes and blockades”.

Diaz-CanelMeanwhile, he said that for Cubans this visit to Moscow has great significance “at a time when both Russia and Cuba are subject to sanctions that originate from the same enemy“. The Cuban leader thus alluded to the wave of sanctions that the United States imposed on Russia in retaliation for the attack on Ukraine, as well as the blockade against his country that has lasted for more than six decades.

Previously, both leaders inaugurated a monument to the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), in a square in Moscow. According to the Kremlin press service, the three-meter-high bronze monument represents “the heroic path of a man who defended the rights of people in his country.”

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