Putin and Erdogan met to agree on payment for gas supplies from Russia in rubles

Putin and Erdogan met to agree on payment for gas supplies from Russia in rubles

A photo: REUTERS

After their completion, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak made the following statement…

– Among others, issues of developing trade and economic cooperation were discussed, the task set by the presidents to reach a new level is being implemented. Just the other day a large delegation from the Russian Federation visited Ankara in order to prepare President Erdogan’s visit to Russia. And today, within the framework of the negotiations, very important decisions were reached, which, in fact, are reaching a new level of development of our relations in trade, the economy and practically in all sectors, including the transport industry, industry, agriculture, tourism, IT-technologies, housing and communal services.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak

A photo: Alexander GAMOV

Undoubtedly, the key area of ​​our relations is energy, which today was discussed in great detail between the presidents. This includes the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, and reaching the deadline by 2023 to launch this project. This is Turkish Stream…

The presidents agreed to start partial payments in rubles for Russian gas supplies to Turkey, the vice-premier said.

“Gas supplies to the Republic of Turkey were discussed, which are supplied in a fairly large volume: 26 billion cubic meters annually. During the negotiations, the presidents agreed that we would begin partial gas supplies and pay in rubles,” Novak said.

He noted that “we are talking about the transition to national currencies gradually, and at the first stage, part of the supplies will be paid in Russian rubles”:

– This is really a new stage, new opportunities, including for the development of our monetary and financial relations…

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