Vladimir Putin delivered an address

Vladimir Putin delivered an address

A photo: REUTERS

Officially, the National Guard was created 6 years ago on April 5. But Troops Day is celebrated on March 27th. On this occasion, Vladimir Putin delivered an address:

– I want to specifically and separately address the military personnel and employees of the National Guard units who are participating in a special military operation on the territory of Donbass and Ukraine. Yes, the real combat situation is associated with increased risk. I know very well how you act in such a situation: with the highest degree of courage and professionalism, skillfully, decisively and fearlessly, showing personal heroism, competently and clearly solve all the most difficult tasks, the President said.

– Our entire vast country is rightfully proud of each of you. I want to thank you – thank you for the steadfastness and impeccable service of Russia, for loyalty to the fatherland, oath and duty, – he added.

In 2016, the National Guard was created on the basis of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It also included private security, SOBR, OMON. The department is responsible for the control of weapons among the population. The National Guard reports directly to the President.


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