Putin's trip to Erdogan is not beyond the Turkish mountains

The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan ended, the Turkish guest left for the airport, and dusk fell over the Sochi residence “Rus”.

And the officials from the apparatus Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak were still putting the finishing touches on the final resume.

From which it was possible to conclude: a lot of significant changes were made to the draft document (which was originally called a memorandum), moreover, in two languages. While they translated and corrected ….

Finally, the long-awaited document was shown to the journalists. From which, perhaps, several key points can be distinguished.


Despite the current regional and global challenges, the leaders reaffirmed their common will to further develop Russian-Turkish relations based on respect, recognition of mutual interests and in accordance with their international obligations.


Within the framework of this understanding, the leaders of both countries held extensive consultations on the bilateral agenda of Russian-Turkish relations and agreed on the following: to increase the volume of bilateral trade on a balanced basis and achieve the set goals; to meet the expectations of the opposite side in the fields of economy and energy; take concrete steps to increase cooperation on issues that have long been on the agenda of both countries in such sectors as transport, trade, agriculture, industry, finance, tourism and construction.


On regional issues, the leaders stressed the key importance of sincere, frank and trusting relations between Russia and Turkey for achieving regional and international stability.


In this context, the leaders recognized the important role of constructive relations between the two countries in concluding the Initiative for the Safe Export of Grain from Ukrainian Ports. The need was emphasized to ensure the full implementation of the Istanbul Package Deal in accordance with its spirit and letter, including the unhindered export of Russian grain, fertilizers and raw materials for their production.


Among the issues raised were also the recent events in Syria. The parties confirmed that they attach great importance to advancing the political process. The importance of maintaining the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria is indicated. The determination to act jointly and in close coordination with each other in the fight against all terrorist organizations was reaffirmed.


A firm commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya has been declared. The parties stressed the importance of holding free, fair and credible elections based on the broadest possible consensus and reaffirmed their support for the ongoing Libyan-led and Libyan-led political process.


The heads of state agreed to hold the next meeting of the High Level Cooperation Council in Turkey.

… From which it is quite possible to conclude that Putin’s return visit to his dear friend Erdogan (namely, this is how he called the distinguished guest this Friday, August 5) is not beyond the Turkish mountains.

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