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FIFA accused of breaking its own rules after fans colorblind lived a “nightmare” trying to distinguish the teams during the match between Swiss Y Cameroon in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The European team beat the African team with the goal of Breel Embolowho curiously was born in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, but the fans with this impaired vision suffered the match in the greatest sporting event, instead of enjoying it, due to the clothing the teams played in: red on one side and green on the other.

The clothing that Switzerland and Cameroon wore in their match

According to the UK National Eye Institute, people with color blindness have a lot of difficulty distinguishing between green and red more than any other color combination.

The choice of these colors goes against FIFA’s own rule on the kits of each team, which clarifies that the clothing of the two teams and of the referees must “contrast enough” even to help “as long as it is reasonably possible, to people with a color vision deficiency.

The colorblind response

Kathryn Albany Wardthe founder of the organization Conciencia de los colorblindstated: “We are very disappointed with the selection of kits allowed by FIFA for the Group G match between Switzerland and Cameroonresulting in thousands of color-blind fans around the world being unable to follow the match.”

On October 31, 1794, British physicist John Dalton discovered color blindness.

“After the opening game of the 2018 World Cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia, which was a disaster for the colorblind, we have worked with FIFA to help them develop kit regulations that should have prevented today’s nightmare (referencing the match this Thursday),” added Albany-Ward.

What does the FIFA regulation say?

“The colors used on the respective game kits worn by the two teams taking part in a particular match must contrast sufficiently to allow referees, players, coaching staff, the media and spectators (including, at all times) reasonably possible, those with a color vision deficiency) clearly distinguish between players and officials, between different teams, and between the goalkeepers and outfield players of each team,” the rule says.

And he adds: “Where FIFA or match officials consider that there is insufficient contrast between the colors used, they can require a team (even after the match has started, if necessary) to change or combine different elements of their different kits. of play as necessary to achieve a clear distinction.” Something that actually did not happen.

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