Qatar 2022: the host country does not accept "small face" dollars, advice to exchange them
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With the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on everyone’s mind, there is a new problem for tourists. Although all dollars are valid, in the host country of the world cup exchange houses do not accept “small face” dollars.

It is that in Qatar they only take “blue” dollars as legal tenderwhich have been issued since 2013. Given this problem, there are three tips for Argentines who decided to travel.

The first option is to deposit the small or large heads dollars in the bank and withdraw them again. Since banks do not make distinctions in this regard, when making the withdrawal it is feasible to receive the blue ones.

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The second possibility is to take the opportunity to exchange the oldest dollars in another city where a stopover is made, be it Sao Paulo, Madrid or Dubai.

The third tip is to leave them deposited in the bank and pay as much as possible with a carda means of payment that is available in most Qatari businesses.

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