The starting shirt of the Argentine National Team.
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Everything is ready for the Qatar World Cup 2022, and even the smallest detail is taken care of for these occasions. For example, What will be the clothing that the Argentine National Team will wear in its first three games? for the group stage.

The starting shirt of the Argentine National Team.

On the site of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) can be seen what will be the clothing that each team will use for their World Cup duels. Of course, only the first round matches appear, because the matches from the round of 16 onwards are not defined.

The clothing of Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

in the debut of the Albiceleste, on November 22, those directed by Lionel Scaloni They will use the starting shirt. The short will be black and the socks of the same tone.

Saudi Arabia will use its alternate jersey, green with white shorts and socks of the same color as the shorts.

Argentina vs Arabia jerseys.

Argentina vs Arabia jerseys. (FIFA/)

In the case of the goalkeepers, the Argentine goalkeeper will have all the red clothing, while whoever defends the three posts in the Saudi goal will be dressed in yellow.

The clothing of Argentina vs Mexico

For his second match against Mexicoon Saturday, November 26, Argentina will repeat its starting clothing again. And he will keep the same colors in his pants and socks (black).

Mexico will also wear its home jersey, in green, with white shorts and red socks.

Argentina vs Mexico jerseys.

Argentina vs Mexico jerseys. (FIFA/)

Meanwhile, for the goalkeepers, the Argentine will use a full green tone (lighter than the Mexican jersey). The goalkeeper from Mexico will wear a red/orange shirt, blue shorts and light blue socks.

The clothing of Argentina vs Poland

In their last group stage match, Argentina will change and use their alternate jersey. The match is scheduled for November 30, when they face Poland.

The team led by Lionel Messi He will wear his blue shirt, pants and socks of the same tone.

The Poles will wear their starting shirt, all in white, red shorts and white socks.

Argentina vs Poland jerseys.

Argentina vs Poland jerseys. (FIFA/)

The goalkeepers will look like this: the Pole all in yellow, while the Argentine will repeat the green.

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