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Ever since it was named host country for the 2022 World Cup more than twelve years ago, Qatar has been the subject of media coverage that bears all the marks of an orientalist vision. Western media focus on human rights issues, the situation of immigrant workers, the climate, accusations of corruption… But they ignore the possible successes of the first Muslim country to host the competition.

They wonder how this country without a footballing past managed to be chosen. As if it were necessarily suspicious that a small country, Muslim moreover, was designated to organize a major sporting event. This is only the extension of the propensity of the “North” to envisage the world through the prism of the centrality of Europe. Westerners are therefore convinced that they have the right to organize and regulate any event in which they participate.

Instead of wondering how a major international sporting event can have a social and political impact on a conservative society like that of Qatar, we seem to want to deny Muslim countries the possibility of organizing one.

In the heat and the dust

There was no better occasion than the World Cup to resuscitate a collective memory among Westerners, according to which the Arab world – and more particularly the countries of the Gulf – would be little more than a desert of dust don

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Noon Post (İstanbul)

Created by Egyptians in 2013, after Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi’s coup d’etat put an end to the hopes of the Arab Spring, Noon Post presents itself as a pan-Arab platform based on “a network of journalists from different parts of the Arab world ” and which “encourages dialogue and freedom of expression”. He also says he is in favor of “citizen-journalists”, especially young people, whom he invites to send in their contributions.
With a large place given to the history of Islamic civilization, but also a marked follow-up to the war in Syria and the popular uprising in Sudan, it is clearly in line with the concerns and themes of the intellectual ferment of post-Arab youth. Arab spring.

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