Qatar World Cup 2022: Neymar suffers a sprain and Brazil trembles
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The image of Neymar crying on the bench scares Brazil.Photo: Brand.

Brazil holds its breath and trembles with its great star. Neymar withdrew touched on the right ankle 79 minutes after the victory (2-0) of the ‘canarinha’ against Serbia at the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 scaring the whole country, in suspense because of the state of his right ankle.

An hour after the end of the game, the CBF doctor, Ramiro Lasmar, explained that Neymar suffered a sprain and it would be necessary to wait 48 hours to see how it evolved.

“Neymar suffered a sprained right ankle. He had some swelling in his ankle, we started the ice treatment on the bench and now he has followed the physiotherapy treatment. There is no imaging exam scheduled. If there is a need, we will do it. But that will be decided by the extent of his evaluation this Friday. The expectation is the observation. Any talk of evolution, its sequel, is premature. We don’t have any answers, it’s important to wait,” the CBF doctor told the media.

Later, Tite, at a press conference, was optimistic and assured that Neymar will play more games in this World Cup in Qatar:

“I am sure that Neymar will play in the World Cup, I am absolutely sure of that. He is going to play in the Cup”.

The PSG attacker suffered hard tackles from the Balkan team (especially those of Gudelj and Milenkovic, both in the second half) throughout the game and had to leave in pain before the end. On the bench they put ice on him and the image of him, sunk and with tears in his eyes while he was comforted by his teammates, shocked all of Brazil.

“We are concerned about Neymar’s injury. We hope it’s nothing”, Rodrygo on Radio MARCA.

“He has suffered a blow, but hopefully it’s nothing,” Vinicius said after the match. “We are concerned about Neymar’s injury. We hope it’s nothing,” Rodrygo said on Radio MARCA. The ghost of the 2014 World Cup, when Zúñiga’s blow to the back in the quarterfinals against Colombia deprived him of playing the semifinals against Germany at home, now hovers over the ‘canarinha’. We will see how he evolves, although his history of ankle injuries with PSG does not invite optimism.

Neymar, crestfallen on the bench. Photo: Brand.

Ankles, his nightmare: Three serious injuries and 198 days off

Neymar’s tears on the bench after retiring with an injured right ankle are no wonder, especially considering that it had become inflamed. And it is that the ankles are a nightmare for the Brazilian in the last seasons. In the last four seasons he has been out for 198 days due to three injuries, two of them quite serious. A piece of information that surely has a lot to do with the grief of the player, knowing that his ankles are his Achilles heel.

Last season Neymar suffered a ligament injury in his left ankle, specifically on November 28, 2021, which had him 78 days off. In the 20-21 campaign, once again his left ankle left him off the pitch for 30 days due to a major sprain. On June 6, 2019, he would suffer a fracture in his right ankle that kept him KO for three months. It was his most serious injury to said joint and precisely to the same ankle that has been damaged now. One more reason for the alarms to have gone off in the Brazilian team.

Neymar suffered a sprained right ankle. Photo: Brand.

Photo: Mark.

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