Racing de Nueva Italia in the match against Gimnasia de Concepción del Uruguay.  (Nicolás Bravo / The Voice).

Pointer, undefeated and on a streak, Racing de Nueva Italia defeated Gimnasia de Concepción from Uruguay (Entre Rios), 1 to 0 in the Kempes, for the seventh date of Federal A in Zone 2 that he leads. goal of Alan Murialdoat 26 of the first half, to get more advantage in the lead right now that it’s your turn to be free.

It was difficult for Racing, beyond dominating widely in the first half, against a rival that came with a conservative approach and he made it difficult for Albiceleste. A revival of Lei Fernández enabled Murialdo, who is sweet for the goal, to open the scoring. The forward retired injured for a sprained ankle, the negative balance of the night.

The academy thrashed on the last date in Gualeguaychú, 2-0 against Juventud Unida, and Carlos Bossio gives its support to the initial formation. On the Gymnastics side, he appears in the middle of the table with seven units and comes from the free date.

Leonardo Rodriguez; Santiago Rinaudo, Facundo Rivero, Emanuel Córdoba and Juan Albertinazzi; Franco García, Emanuel Giménez, Pablo López and Leandro Fernández; Marcos Figueroa and Alan Murialdo; the eleven of the Academy, which is once again premises in Kempes for the reseeding of the Miguel Sancho playing field. For the next local he will play again in Nueva Italia.

Racing de Nueva Italia in the match against Gimnasia de Concepción del Uruguay. (Nicolás Bravo / The Voice).

Emiliano Blanco, one of the stars of the last games coming off the bench, was sidelined with a slight knee strain. “I thought it was more serious, but the same thing makes me angry not being able to be there,” Mono lamented.

The pursuers play

Sarmiento de Resistencia, Racing escort two points down, tied 0-0 with Boca Unidos de Corrientes and relegated the second place, to be third with 15 points. The escort is now Northern Cruiser, who defeated Defensores of Belgrano in Villa Ramallo by 2 to 1 and has 16, three behind the leader Racing.

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