The main leaders of Radical Evolution greet the militants from the stage (Photo: TN)

When the internal disputes generate anger and tensions in the majority political fronts of Argentina, a sector of the opposition Together for Change started the race to 2023 early with the Radical Evolution launch. This current led by the national senator Martin Lousteau organized this weekend in the city of Santa Fe a plenary with its main leaders, with a clear message to own (UCR leadership) and partners (PRO and Civic Coalition). Lousteau, before the youthful militancy that took over the UPCN union property, strongly warned in his speech: “Our opponents are the ones who are comfortable with an increasingly uncomfortable Argentina”.

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“This is not against anyone, there are greetings from Gerardo Morales, our excellent governor of Jujuy, from Rody Suárez, excellent governor of Mendoza, and from Alfredo Cornejo. We don’t fight against anyone, we fight for things we believe in and the only opponents we have are those who are comfortable in an increasingly uncomfortable Argentina.” Lousteau emphasized.

The Buenos Aires senator spoke in front of an auditorium where posters, banners and party favors stood out with the traditional red and white colors of the centenary party founded by Leandro N. Alem. “We want a State with social sensitivity and management capacity not attack the private sector and let it produce. In the tour of the country, I see that a quality of leaders is emerging who faced the pandemic in the municipalities, but who also want to be part of a transforming national project, ”he said.

Who was in the national plenary of Evolution in Santa Fe?

At the opening of the First National Encounter of Radical Evolution were on stage, among others, the national deputies Martin Tetaz, Rodrigo De Loredo, Alejandro Cacace, Danya Tavela, Carla Carrizo, the national senatorl Flavio Fame and the former Minister of Security from Santa Fe Maximilian Pullaro, Lousteau’s strong bid to run for governor next year.

The main leaders of Radical Evolution greet the militants from the stage (Photo: TN)

Before Lousteau’s speech, videos were projected on a screen with greetings from the president of the UCR, Gerardo Morales; of the head of the interbloc of National Senators, Alfredo Cornejoand letters of adherence were read from the leader Facundo Manes and the governor of Mendoza, Roddy Suarez.

Beyond the opening speeches, six work commissions were set up in the plenary, which simultaneously analyzed issues of economy, education, justice, institutional development, agribusiness, energy and sustainable environment. The closing panel was the highlight: the challenge of governing.

Young people were protagonists in the act of Evolution

“We will return, we will return, we will return again, we will be a government again, like in 1983,” the militancy sang. Lousteau took note of the enthusiasm and intervened mischievously: “I am 51, raise your hand if you are under 51″. The answer was eloquent mostly young people. After seeing almost all the hands up, he stated: “Well, this is Evolution.”

Another of the speeches heard in Santa Fe was that of the young Cordovan deputy, Rodrigo Loredowho in the 2021 elections together with Senator Luis Juez, defeated the radical sector led by Deputy Mario Negri. “We are not a testimonial party, we have the moral responsibility to take charge of governing Argentina to transform realities,” he said.

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Politicians get their feet dirty in the mud, neither CEOs nor blackmailers”, emphasized De Loredo, adding: “Our eyes in the future, our head in a program and our heart always where it has to be: in the essentials below” .

Senator Martín Lousteau takes a selfie with the main leaders of his space.  (Photo: Evolution press)
Senator Martín Lousteau takes a selfie with the main leaders of his space. (Photo: Evolution press)

To close the meeting, a founding document was released, which in its central paragraphs states: “We want a modern society of equals. Neither modern for few nor equal in mediocrity. And for that it is essential to rebuild a State that is rigorous in its administration and sensitive in its priorities”.

In Santa Fe, more than a year and a half before the decisive national elections of 2023, Evolución opened fire early and shouted over the loudspeakers of the act: “Forward radicals and long live Evolution”.

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