Rafael Nadal shone in Parque Roca
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The Arena Parque Roca was the setting in which Rafael Nadal and Casper Ruud They gave a tennis exhibition unforgettable during this Wednesday. The Majorcan took all the flashes in a day that started early and ended with a gold mixed doubles: together with Gabriela Sabatini and Gisela Dulko.

The event was organized by the Nadal Academy and the Argentine Tennis AssociationIn fact, its president, Franco Squillari, and the team from the Development Department were present, as well as teachers and U16 and U14 AAT players. Is that the children were great protagonists of the day: in small groups they had the pleasure of balling with the stars of the journey.

Rafael Nadal shone in Parque Roca (TWITTER/)

Around the 16.30while in the stadium some young Argentine tennis players with great potential played the match prior to the exhibition, the people outside There was a long line to get in.

The appointment was at 6:00 p.m. and, although there were several free places, those present could not control their anxiety and began to applaud the players. It was at 18.20 when Ruud appeared on the scene and took the first ovation of the afternoon.

Nevertheless, the stadium collapsed when Rafa made his appearance, impeccable black pants and shirt and yellow headband. After the routine photo of both, they got ready to rally. Just as she had promised Nadal at the exhibition press conference, the match had only the name.

An exhibition that was played seriously

The first intense blows ignited the public. No one wanted to give anything away: they lamented the mistakes and celebrated the points. Those present were delighted with the expected display of talent: a running shot, with a jump included, by Nadal, when Ruud served 2-3 in the first set or a forehand from the Norwegian to raise a break point in that same game.

Casper Ruud in Buenos Aires

Casper Ruud in Buenos Aires (Twitter/)

Everything was serious and concentrated, but the relaxed shouts of the public managed to steal a smile from the Spaniard: “Never go away, Rafaaaa” or “Marry me, Rafa” It was just some of the phrases that were heard. “An ace for Rafaelito”, someone asked: he put it and she looked for him to raise her thumb with a smile.

The biggest ovation for Ruud came after winning a great point, after returning three shots from the Spanish and displacing him with the last shot. Even Rafa himself applauded him. For Nadal, the applause was deafening as he closed out the first set tie break.

At the start of the second set, tired after running a couple of balls, Casper “asked for the change” and sent one of the ball boys onto the field. The boy dared to get him out from under Nadal and even throw a Great Willy when Rafa wanted to complicate it with a balloon.

The Spaniard took a 4-1 lead in the second set and was close to victory. Rafa’s fans began to encourage the Norwegian for the game to stretch. Ruud responded and gave away several interesting points. Nadal did not stay still: he scored 5-1 and asked for his well-deserved recognition. Finally, it was 6-2 for Nadal.

Gabriela Sabatini and Gisela Dulko, luxury guests

Nadal thanked the affection with his arms raised to heaven. But an important part was still missing in the tennis day at Parque Roca: the entry of Gabriela Sabatini and Gisela Dulko, with whom they shared a special doubles.

Giselda Dulko, Casper Ruud, Rafael Nadal and Gabriela Sabatini.

Giselda Dulko, Casper Ruud, Rafael Nadal and Gabriela Sabatini. (Twitter/)

Blue skirt and a matching headband was the outfit of Sabatini, who was accompanied by Dulko. The two wore an Argentine shirt with the “10” on the backwhich they later gave to the Mallorcan and the Norwegian.

The Tigrense, who became number one in the world in doubles, stood next to Ruud to face Sabatini and Nadal, who won the set 6-4.

The former number three in the world, from 52 years old, she ran, hit, threw magic, delighted and, how could it be otherwise, she was applauded. The best ending for a historic day of tennis in our country.

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