Raising of the flag during this June 20

Every June 20, in our country, the memory of General Manuel Belgrano is evoked, on the date of his passage to immortality. Said evocation is made within the framework of an immovable holiday within the official calendar, to reaffirm the identity as Argentines, and also, renew the commitment in the defense of the interests of the Homeland.

In this framework, this Monday, June 20, in the Plaza de la Bandera, the official ceremony for the aforementioned day took place. In addition, it should be noted that, in the morning hours, on the mast of the Police Headquarters, Mayor Luis Castellano and authorities raised the Argentine flag.

It is important to mention that after two years of the pandemic, the Plaza de la Bandera in the Amancay neighborhood once again convened the community around this act. In addition, afterwards, they were invited to share a moment of encounter with a celebration that lasted throughout the afternoon with the popular celebration.

Raising of the flag during this June 20 (Municipality of Rafaela Press /)

The mayor Luis Castellano participated in the act; members of the government team; the Departmental Senator, Alcides Calvo; the Provincial Deputy, Juan Argañaráz; the president of the Council, Germán Bottero and councillors; among others.

“What unites us”

In this regard, Castellano expressed: “The day was very nice. From early today when we raise the flag, our central symbol. Then, in the afternoon, in the Amancay neighborhood, we returned in person, since we couldn’t do such a beautiful act for two years. Many people always congregate here and the pandemic had prohibited us from doing it in person as we like.

The mayor remarked that “it is nice to enjoy the public space, the meeting, the fair and each one of the local music groups. Today the schools of the city were also present and accompanying this moment”.

The president added that “it was an act that symbolized what unites us, the Argentine flag. That is where we always have to work, on what binds us and puts the city, the province and the country ahead of us”.

They escorted the act

The act was accompanied by the Municipal Music Band, under the direction of Esteban Fernández, and the voice of the singer Celina Astudillo, who shared the Argentine National Anthem. Next, they interpreted the March to my Flag.

In addition, the 1st grade students of School No. 1343 “Amancay” joined this official act for Flag Day and danced the chacarera “Flag of my country”.

Then, in order to represent the song Aurora, the Rafaelian artist Celina Astudillo performed the song accompanied by the members of “Celina Astudillo Grupo”.

Likewise, the accompaniment of the schools and study houses of the city is highlighted and appreciated.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the head of Police Unit V, Ricardo Arnodo Suárez, also participated in the act; the second chief of Police Unit V, Marcela Fernández; the head of the Federal Police Operations Division, Eduardo Quirós; the head of the National Gendarmerie Road Squad, Dante Romero; the president of the neighborhood neighborhood Amancay, Daniel Demarchi; the parish priest of the San Cayetano parish, Jorge Pusitari; the Regional Delegate for Education III, Gerardo Cardoni; pedagogical coordinators of the Regional III of Education, among others.

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