Ramon Indart: "Gastón Gaudio was the intermediary between the government of Qatar and that of Mauricio Macri"
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Journalist Ramon Indart told the details of what was a scandal at the beginning of the management of Mauricio Macri. “Argentine sovereignty was being obscenely violated,” she said. In turn, in Fontevecchia modeby Net TV Y Radius Profile (FM 101.9), stated that the agreement with Qatar it did not come to fruition “because of everything we were publishing”. The role of Gaston Gaudio.

What was the beginning of that 2016 like, when Mauricio Macri had the almost unanimous support of the media?

Nobody was critical. Even when we began to publish, the rest of the media began to lift it after 12 days, when a response from the Government came out. It was already undeniable.

The context was difficult because it was the first big issue to understand because of everything that was being played at that time. link between Argentina and Qatar, and what was the influence peddling, with the emails that went back and forth between the Argentine businessmen and the Qataris. It was difficult, but Profile you could work quietly.

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The role of the intermediary

What did the former tennis player Gastón Gaudio have to do with it?

What happened was that when he took over Macri, the famous QIA begins to invest in many luxury issues: from restaurants to hotels. The tennis player, through him, from his relationship with the emir of Qatar (whom he had met in a tournament) contacted him with the Argentine government because of his friendship with Macri and with Horace Reyserfundamental man in foreign investment.

But the problem was that gauge was the intermediary between the government of Qatar and that of Macri, accessing the information. They played a trick with marked cards: the Qataris were going to bring money, but they demanded certain issues that were a scandal. It was not a link between States, but there were intermediaries.

What the controversial memorandum signed by the government of Mauricio Macri with Qatar says

Argentine officials knew this, of course. Casa Rosada emails were used and when the real one was signed Memorandum of understandingwhich we accessed with Profileit was shown that it was an absolute scandal between emails, intermediations and a Memorandum that should not have been signed.

That’s why after that everything came to nothing. Because when we started publishing, it ended up in a court case. Unfortunately, they were investments that did not arrive, but it was because they were carried out in the worst way.

Its impact on Justice

How did the legal case evolve?

It was up to judge Daniel Rafecas and prosecutor Paloma Ochoa, and they worked well. The business that Gaudio had raised did not come to fruition as a result of what we were publishing. The case was closed, since the crime did not materialize. Then everything fell apart because there was nothing else to investigate. Argentine sovereignty was being obscenely violated.

From Videla to Hamad Al Thani

Comparisons with the memorandum with Iran

In other words, in some way it resembles, because of Rafecas and the word memorandum, with that of Iran. Although not at all comparable due to substantive issues, of course.

It was exactly the same, saving the enormous distances. What surprised me with the investigation was the unpunished way of handling information to tell the Qataris what the Argentine government wanted to do.

In addition, when the memorandum was signed, they hid it from public opinion, when it was documentation that had to be known. Because Gabriela Michetti signed a laundered four-page memorandum.

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And when we asked her, being vice president, she maintained that it was the real one. But it was known that the original was being signed in an adjoining room, behind us.

Our source was a person who had been cut out of the business at the last minute and he got away with it. We must take into account and emphasize that, as we said, in 2016 it was very difficult to publish on these issues and, despite that, we work very well.


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