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Rachel “Kelly” Olmos maintained that there will be end of year bonus in December but assured that they are still “working” on its implementation. The new Minister of Labor referred to the increase in the minimum wage agreed last Tuesday, defined as “short” by the deputy Hugo YaskY. The head of the CTA questioned Daniel Funes de Rioja and revealed his statements in the salary negotiation.

With some evasions and few specifications, Olmos confirmed two things: there will be a single sum in December and a fixed month-to-month amount is ruled out. “The President announced that it will be granted, but we are working“, he expressed in the first term. “The year-end bonus is still under study,” he added.

On the other hand, he spoke of the 20% increase in the minimum salary that businessmen and trade unionists agreed to last Tuesday at the meeting of the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage Council (SMVM).

Alberto Fernandez

“It was resolved to increase the salary by 7% in December and 6% in January in order to have two months of recovery. In February 4% and March 3%, “he detailed. From March to March, Olmos assured that the four increases during 2022 will close at 110.5%.

On the other hand, he commented that family allowances are being updated and referred to the increases in the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and the Food Card. “Both support the income of the most neglected sectors,” he said in dialogue with Gustavo Sylvestre in Morning Sylvester by radius 10.

Year-end bonus: which provinces are analyzing their payment and which ones have confirmed it

Yasky revealed the minimum wage negotiations with Funes de Rioja

The deputy of the Frente de Todos and head of the Central de Trabajadores de Argentina (CTA) revealed a passage of the negotiation with the head of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) for the new minimum wage, which from March 2023 will be $65,500.

“I asked that it be rounded up to $70,000, we are talking about $500 for March of next yearand Funes de Rioja was strongly opposed,” Yasky said.

Daniel Funes de Rioja UIA 20211202
Daniel Funes de Rioja, against adding $500 to the minimum wage according to Hugo Yasky.

“Yesterday’s agreement was short but it allows us to gain 5 points on inflation. With the macrismo, 25 were lost. It is just a palliative for a minimum wage that is far from what is necessary,” he said in dialogue with Cynthia García in the garcia by AM750 this Wednesday. He later blamed the businessmen for inflation and price formation.


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