The card written by the actress's biological father
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She has always been one of the most iconic and revered actresses by the public, but surely the film Blonde, based on his life, has served to put his name back at the top of the Hollywood firmament. To take advantage of this revival of the most famous lace, a well-known auction house will put up for sale 175 items that belonged to marilyn monroe.

The auction, which is called Julien’s Auctions and TCM Presents: Icons & Idols Hollywood, will take place on December 17 and 18 and you can participate in person, in Los Angeles, or virtually. as announced People, Inside the collection of objects is a card written by the hand of Charles Stanley Gifford, who was recently proven to be the actress’s biological father, through a DNA test carried out on his great-grandson.

The realization of that test is part of the documentary Marilyn, Her Final Secret, who precisely set out to find the identity of the actress’s father, whom she never got to know. As reported Variety, the test was carried out by Ludovic Orlando, an expert in molecular archeology working in the south of France. The specialist used a sample of Monroe’s hair provided by John Reznikoff, a renowned auctioneer and authenticator, and a saliva sample from Gifford’s great-grandson.

“This card is the only known material artifact that establishes any connection or communication between Gifford and his famous daughter,” read an auction house statement. There, it is also ensured that it is believed that Gifford gave the card to Monroe in her hands while she was hospitalized.

“I discovered the card by pure chance while preparing Marilyn’s personal files for auction at Julien’s Auctions,” said Scott Fortner, a historian and collector of Monroe memorabilia, and host of the podcast. All Things Marilyn. “This is the only known documented evidence of a relationship between Monroe and Gifford, which solves the mystery of whether or not she knew of her biological father.”.

The card, which is estimated to sell for between $2,000 and $3,000, has a sweet, childish motif: it features a girl standing on a musical note on its cover. Inside, it carries the message that combines the printed text with the one added by hand by Gifford.

“Dear Marylyn [SIC]”Gifford’s message begins, with Monroe’s name misspelled. Then the printed text follows: “This cheery little get-well note comes especially to say that many of my thoughts and good wishes are with you every day as well.” The end was also left to the sender: “A little prayer, too.”

The card written by the actress’s biological father

Gifford was a co-worker of Gladys Pearl Baker, Monroe’s mother, but little Norma Jeane – Marilyn’s real name – never met him. “It is believed that he did not want to upset his wife and children by allowing Monroe to be a part of his life,” the auction house statement speculates.

In addition to that card, various beauty items, such as lipsticks, false eyelashes, eye shadows, are part of the collection. Also, some dresses that belonged to the actress and her personal belongings, such as her personal checkbook, photographs, notes and letters, her Actors Union card and the clinical history of a cosmetic surgery that the diva underwent. subdued.


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