Rate segmentation: what tenants must do to maintain the subsidy

The problem arose from the situation of the majority of the tenants, who do not have the tickets of the services to your name. The elimination of subsidies, around 10% of the population estimated from the national government, will mean that they must pay the full cost of public services of electric power and natural gas by network.

The doubt was generated shortly after the announcements of the Government. Thousands of tenants wondered what would happen to the amounts of their future bills if the owner from whom they rent the house is within that 10% of high income or in the “High Level”.

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Rate segmentation: what will happen to tenants

The gray in the letter of the rate segmentation decree opened the debate and many tenants, who have incomes of less than $350,000 per month, expressed concern about whether the subsidy corresponds to them. The answer is that they will have the benefit, regardless of the economic situation of the owner of the property

To do this, the Government created an rspecial registration which aims to respond to these cases. It will be through a form, which will be available starting next week, they reported. It is for those who use the electricity and gas services of a property, but their name does not coincide with that of the owner of the registered meter in the electricity or gas distribution company.

This measure is independent of whether the owner to whom they rent has one, two or several properties. From the Secretary of Energy they advanced that no residential user will be required to show the rental contract. But you will have to state, as a sworn statement, that the home you live in is not yours. Any inconsistency in that statement (when cross-checking it with other records) can lead to subsidy removal.

The system will be the same as for the owners of the property, they advanced. In other words, each household must be registered in a category called “Residential user of the service”. Tenants below the $350,000 monthly income level, must be recorded in this special register. There you must notify if you rent or not, or if the service of the dwelling you live in is in your name, or that of another person, so that the system has a new registration, with updated data.

It will also be considered that in the event that the tenant moves, and his income remains below the estimated threshold, he will maintain the subsidies with his “residential user” identification in the new home. In other words, the discount will be taken elsewhere.

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