Rates: Gabriela Cerruti announced the new segmentation and promised that 90% of users will only have one increase this year

Gabriela Cerruti, spokesperson for President Alberto Fernández, provided details this Thursday, June 16, of the new electricity and gas rate segmentation scheme, anticipating that only 10% of users will pay the full rate and promised that 90% of consumers it will only face a raise this year.

In her traditional Thursday press conference at the Casa Rosada, the presidential spokeswoman also anticipated the signing of the DNU to expand the Budget, spoke about the internal supply of fuel and the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, and justified the presence of the controversial Iranian-Venezuelan plane in Argentina.

“Today the President and the economic team made decisions that will be published when they are finished. The DNU that expands the budget and fixes the new distribution. It should have been done because the opposition rejected the budget,” Cerruti said. “There will also be the new rate segmentation scheme,” he added.

The spokeswoman specified that due to the lack of diesel “there will be a decree announcing a incentives for internal fuel supply so that the sector can keep up with what is happening in the international and local context”. And he advanced “this morning the contract for the acquisition of the gas pipeline tubes will be signed“.

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