Joey Heindle and Julian FM Stoeckel

“The Club of Good Moods” on SAT.1 achieved meager ratings in its first episode.

Joey Heindle and Julian FM Stoeckel © Caroline Staude

As an alternative to the scandal show “Celebrities under Palm Trees”, the “Club of Good Moods” wanted to compete. Line up to bring cuddly, sweet broadcast minutes for SAT.1.

However, the concept is similar to all the celebrity “scandal shows” on RTL and Co.

It’s about 50,000 euros, you put different stars or so-called celebrities in a luxury villa, let them talk, play, fart, smile, drink, eat… The only thing missing: apparently confrontation.

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What began with “Big Brother” in 2000 ended in so-called trash TV. Bullying, “banging”, yelling at each other, measuring strength among Z celebrities has been the order of the day ever since – that brought quota.

But now it turns out: Only 0.73 million people watched how Marc Terenzi “thinks through” in the “club” of good people, how Joey Heindle as a good paramedic heals Cora Schumacher’s knee, how Julian FM Stoeckel gives the villa diva, how “U-Boot” actor Semmelrogge makes “Glimzug”.

Is that really too little?

With a lot of fanfare, Julian FM Stoeckel lured a celebrity casserole to the preview in Berlin on Tuesday!  Dolly Buster did her best... maybe she could have been in the "Club" should put...

With a lot of fanfare, Julian FM Stoeckel lured a celebrity casserole to the preview in Berlin on Tuesday! Dolly Buster did her best… maybe she should have been put in the “club”… © Björn Strauss

The nice show reached 3.2 percent of the total audience. SAT.1 secured a pitiful 0.23 million viewers among the important fans relevant to advertising.

If it stays that way, the remaining seven episodes will probably no longer end up in prime time. Even if there’s Zoff next week when Jenny Elvers meets Marc… As we all know, Cora doesn’t like that.

By the way, Nina Queer (self-proclaimed “cult tranny” from Berlin) goes far below the TV belt line: “In the future, you will have to consider with the television stations whether you dare to do something and just not listen to Internet haters, or not burns millions in the eternally low quotas,” she writes Facebook.

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“Personally, I want to see blood splatter on trash TV.” She also wanted “people to be insulted and humiliated”. It must be clear to everyone, “that these people are in there voluntarily, get money for it (…) What I want is scandalous entertainment that makes you blush with shame and the eternal morality police (consisting of incompetent idiots who don’t have a clue) just leaves behind.”

Well, trash TV is a separate, broad field – and SAT.1 is not the only broadcaster that tries to be mild and in a good mood after the bullying broadcast minutes and homophobic failures of many a reality show… Let’s give it that just a little more time for the format, right?

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